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2x1m Artificial Trellis Cloth Burnt Ivy Expanding Hedge

2x1m Artificial Trellis Cloth Burnt Ivy Expanding Hedge

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Hassle-free maintenance with an instant visual “designer appeal” and UV treated for Australian conditions. With the ability to expand to 2m x 1m, this trellis will hide unwanted views and create a private environment. The product is made from willow timber trellis and cloth fabric leaves. Offers natural-looking foliage in a barren porch or in a dark, shady area. Encloses a patio for privacy. Covers exposed scenery along busy roads. Protects you and your family from the rays of the sun. Easy to install to fit any fence or balcony.

- Perfect to add as a feature wall in your home or retail space
- Acts as a privacy screen and hides unwanted views
- Built to last with a high UV rating and 12 month warranty

PDF Download for Expanding Trellis Installation Instructions