Online Gift Cards terms

Terms and conditions of our online gift card service

  • You must ensure that all information provided by you in relation to your order is accurate, complete and up to date.
  • Home & Garden Decor's privacy policy applies in respect of all personal information collected from you.
  • Your order becomes effective upon successful transmission after you press “Submit Payment” on the website. 
  • Home & Garden Decor warrants that the goods or services are fit for their usual purpose, are merchantable and meet any description we have provided. All other warranties and representations, except those which are non-excludable in law, are excluded. If the goods or services are defective or do not meet these warranties, we will refund the price or repair or replace the goods or resupply the services. We exclude liability for indirect or consequential loss. We will not be liable if you have failed to follow instructions, modified the goods or used them for an unintended purpose.
  • If we cannot accept payment from your credit card the order will not be processed and you will not be contacted.

Gift cards terms of use

Home & Garden Decor gift cards can be used towards any purchase of goods online at

This gift card is not a credit card or debit card. This card is not redeemable for cash. Home & Garden Decor gift cards have an expiration date of 2 years after purchase. Home & Garden Decor gift cards are only valid if purchased from Home & Garden Decor website