What are your vertical gardens made out of?

All of our Artificial Hedge Tiles and Trellis' are made using UV-treated plastic. All other Home & Garden Decor are made from plastic.

What does UV-treated actually mean?

All of our artificial hedge and vertical garden products have been tested under hours of UV light. The results of these tests give us the confidence to sell the artificial hedge tiles and vertical gardens with a warranty, knowing they will survive in the unpredictable Australian climate.

Not all Home & Garden Decor products are UV-tested, please see product information for confirmation.

Are the panels difficult to install?

With a simple clip-together system our Standard and Luxury Hedge panels are extremely DIY-friendly and take minimal time to install. Leaving you with a stunning green wall that requires no maintenance and looks amazing all year long!


Where can I purchase your products?

Our products can be purchased online or in our showroom.

How do I visit the showroom?

You can visit the showroom at 90-92 Bell St, Heidelberg Heights during operating hours. For more info go to the visit store page

Please call 1800 191 197 or email info@twistmarketing.com.au for all further information


If we haven't answered any of your questions, please contact us.