Expandable Trellis

Home & Garden Decor trellis products are the perfect solution for all your screening , home decorating, landscaping and privacy requirements. With little to no maintenance required, expandable trellis is great to block out the neighbours, an un-sightly wall or view, or perhaps you just want a greener outlook while working from home. Installing HGW trellis is an easy DIY project, and is great for gaining privacy in situations requiring screening for privacy such as on balcony's for apartments & townhouses, acting as a fence extension, hiding ugly walls, buildings or fences from your view, or just creating a more relaxing atmosphere in your favourite outdoor living space. Not just for the home, HGW trellis is great for businesses too, helping to create more relaxed & productive working spaces, or for cafe's and retail outlets looking for partitions or wall screens, or just for that extra edge to their decor. HGW trellis uses a lattice framework made from willow, which expands to help cover or screen almost any shape or size. Self supporting, HGW trellis is also great to act as a fence extension, as well as screening the fence itself, to give you additional privacy in your backyard oasis.